• live_helpTutorial

    You are in control of the Zybourne Clock, a futuristic device that allows you to change history.

    To play, first delete an event from the current timeline (on the right-hand side of the screen). Then choose an event on the left-hand side of the screen to insert into the timeline. Repeat until you are happy with the results. Note that the current timeline can only hold 3 to 4 events simultaneously. Good luck!

  • warningThe Lore

    You are Sylus, an R&D scientist working for the Commonwealth of Rasenni. The evil dictator 'Johnny Five-Ace' has destroyed our country in a great war, leaving you as a bitter war veteran. Luckily, you discovered a device called the Zybourne Clock within the ruins of the Civilus Primiscotas. Johnny once used this Clock to help him win the great war.

    Now, it's time to use the Clock's power against Johnny. Change history to stop Johnny Five-Ace from winning (while also ensuring humanity doesn't die in the process).

  • workGame Information

    Zybourne Clock was originally a 2003 game project that went horribly off-the-rails (over 50 people volunteered, 0 knew how to program). Starting from 2012, I started work on a remake of the project, trying to stay close to the original "canon" material while also producing an interesting game. If you are interested more about my thought-process while making this game, please visit my dev diary for more information, or you may look at the source code.

In a world unlike ours, there were three superpowers (the Commonwealth of Rasenni, the University of Bookworld, and the Republic of Capital). All three superpowers were reliant on cheap coal to fuel their industrial growth and might...and that cheap coal was running out...

The Timeline